How to Buy


Important: Make sure your wallet is connected to the Binance Smart Chain otherwise you can't purchase BSC coins.

Note: BNB is the regulated option to use for swapping. Ensure your wallet holds BNB otherwise you can't use swaps.
*(Tip: Use Binance to add BNB to your Wallet)

(this method works for all types of tokens)

1. Step: After Clicking on the 'Buy SPIDERMAN' button you will be redirected to Pancakeswap V2, Approve token import and Click Continue. 

2. Step: Connect Your Wallet (Preferably Metamask or Trustwallet) to Pancakeswap by clicking the blue 'Connect' button in the top right corner.

3. Step: Choose the BNB amount you would like to Swap to SPIDERMAN (SMT). Use 0.1%-1% Slippage

4. Step: Confirm Your Swap on Pancakeswap. 

5. Final Step: Pay your Gas Fee in MetaMask wallet by Clicking Confirm. 
You are ready to go! 🕷🚀

Some Additional Details

Contract address: 

PancakeSwap V2 
Slippage: 0.1%-1%